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  • The Top 5 Wallpapers this Spring/Summer

    Spring is finally upon us. The days become longer, the nights become brighter. And just like outside, we want to create that same feeling of Spring into our homes. The trend for spring/summer 2016 is to bring the outdoors, indoors. Create the feeling of an open space, with natural elements such as stone, wood and nature itself. Greens, pale pinks, oranges and light greys are the colours bang on trend for the coming months. Here at Fashion Wallpaper we have put together a list of our top 5 wallpapers that are perfect this season. Amour from Harlequin's Boutique collection is perfect for those sunny months. This busy looking design with large flower heads brings nature into your home through shades of pale...
  • The Top 7 Interior Design Trends 2016

    As 2016 is upon us, it is likely that you are looking to update your interior design, however, there are that many choices available on the market it can prove rather difficult. One of the difficult aspects of choosing décor for your home is to figure out whether it will still be in “fashion” in years to come. So, here at Fashion Wallpaper, we have created a guide on the top interior trends for 2016 which we believe could still be incorporated into your home in many years to come. Formal Dining Room Formal dining rooms are making a comeback this year which means that you can enjoy a lot more quality time with your loved ones. A recent study...
  • The Top 5 Tips for Decorating Your First Home

    Decorating your home can be one of the most scary life decisions as it is something which you will have always dreamt about but you are probably overwhelmed with all the options which are available on the market. However, in order to master the art of decorating it is important to carry out a thorough planning process. Fashion Wallpaper have put together their top 5 tips for decorating your first home. Budget Initially, you need to identify your budget to understand how much you have to spend. If you can only decorate one room at a time, choose the room where you will spend most of your time in order to be able to relax at the end of your...
  • 5 Ways To Make Your Home Inviting This Christmas

    If you are going to be hosting a dinner party, or simply welcoming friends and family into your home this Christmas, you may be looking for ways to make your home cosier, and more inviting. There are easy changes you can make which can make both you and your guests, feel relaxed and right at home. Start at the entrance Your front door not only serves as an entrance point to your home, it also is the first statement you can make to guests. Consider changing the style of your door to set it aside from that of your neighbours.  Painting your door is also a quick way of ensuring your property looks both warm and inviting from the outside...
  • Five Ways To Make Sure You Are Ready For Christmas

    According to surveys, the average mother will spend a staggering 13 days getting ready for Christmas. Broken down that is: 290 hours shopping 7 hours wrapping presents 9 hours preparing & cooking Christmas dinner 6 hours decorating the home The above figures are no surprise, we also imagine these figures can easily spiral, especially when an influx of visitors turn up at your door. We have compiled five ways to prepare both you & your home for the invasion, helping keep you as calm as possible. Prioritise Your Efforts You need to assess what are the most important tasks you want to do in the home before Christmas. If you are wishing to decorate a room, how about updating it...
  • Downton Abbey Interior Design

    Downton Abbeys 20th Century home is the talk of many interior designers this season. Most of us can only dream of living in a home like Downton Abbey however you can easily use some of the lavish design ideas and incorporate them seamlessly into your home. You are probably wondering how this is possible due to the extravagant décor and furniture, but wallpaper can update any room and give it a Downton Abbey touch. We have pulled some of the trends which have been featured throughout the country manor and have chosen some of our wallpapers which are most effective at creating period elegance, reflecting the grandeur of Downton Abbey.  Hallway Little Greene's Marlborough Hallways are one of the most important...
  • Top 10 July Wallpapers

    Around this time of year we often receive enquiries from customers seeking out the latest summer fashion in wallpapers. Here at fashion wallpaper we don’t sell anything other than wallpaper and so like to think that we are in the know – in fact we’d like to think we help set the fashion of today and tomorrow in wall coverings – and to this end we’ve put together a list of the top ten summer fashion wallpapers for July. Nursery Wallpaper   What-a-Hoot: this feature wallpaper from Harlequin will brighten and cheer any nursery. Positively bursting with fun and happiness, What a Hoot will put a smile on any child’s face. This fun-filled wallpaper is sure to wow the little...
  • How to add value to your home

    In an ever competitive housing market, it has never been so important to make your home stand out from the crowd when the time comes to sell up. This will help you not only by securing the quickest possible sale, but by also ensuring you receive the best possible price for your home. Where to start? There are a number of relatively easy changes you can make to your home which can make a huge difference to the impression your home makes on prospective buyers. We run down a few of our top things to do… Tidy up the exterior When a potential buyer turns up to view your house, the first thing they will see is the exterior of...
  • How to paint bathroom tiles

    Every room in the home benefits from a facelift now and again - some rooms have a harder life than others, and can look rather jaded and tired due to their everyday environment; bathrooms and kitchens in particular suffer more than others. Tiles are a practical favourite in these two important areas in the home, but when you fancy a change, replacement is not exactly quick and easy. On the scale of DIY difficulty, replacing wall tiles is not so much a matter of requiring particular skills, gained through training and experience, but rather a more time consuming affair requiring preparation, more tools, and usually, more cost.   Look below at a clever alternative – see how easy it is...

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