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Five Ways To Make Sure You Are Ready For Christmas

According to surveys, the average mother will spend a staggering 13 days getting ready for Christmas. Broken down that is:

  • 290 hours shopping
  • 7 hours wrapping presents
  • 9 hours preparing & cooking Christmas dinner
  • 6 hours decorating the home

The above figures are no surprise, we also imagine these figures can easily spiral, especially when an influx of visitors turn up at your door. We have compiled five ways to prepare both you & your home for the invasion, helping keep you as calm as possible.

Christmas Present Wrapping Scene

Prioritise Your Efforts

You need to assess what are the most important tasks you want to do in the home before Christmas. If you are wishing to decorate a room, how about updating it with wallpaper? You could even create a feature wall if you don't have enough time to wallpaper the full room.

When are you going to thoroughly clean the house ready for guests coming? Should you do it before or after you put up your decorations?

Plan Ahead

In order to try and make sure the lead up to Christmas and the day itself runs smoothly, plan ahead to ensure that you have enough time and haven't forgot anything. A check-list will be the most important thing you have over the Christmas period!

Try and have an estimate of planned and drop in guests who will visit over the Christmas period so you purchase enough food and drink.

Christmas Checklist

Set The Scene

In order to create the ultimate Christmas environment, setting the scene can be one of the most important tasks which you will carry out throughout the run up to the big day. Making a Christmas playlist should be on your to do list as it is the perfect way to get your loved ones in the spirit.

Decorate your home with your favourite decorations. If you are looking for some new ideas, get some inspiration from social media sites.

A Red Lantern & Gingerbread Men

Increase Space

Space is always going to be tight no matter how big your house is, a stately home could feel small with all your family members present. It isn't just the dining table where things may become tight either. Having stocked up your fridge with food, desserts and booze for 8, we are pretty sure your fridge will be crying out for more space and more cooling power.

Each year, more and more people are buying a second fridge to help in the task of keeping everything cool and bacteria free, reducing food waste & keeping everybody happy.

A Silver Double FridgeBudget

Ensure that you plan out your budget to ensure that you don't go overboard when purchasing Christmas decorations for your home. Analyse whether you need new ones or are your existing ones still in good condition to use to prevent you wasting money.

In order for Christmas to run smoothly you simply need to prioritise your efforts, plan ahead, set the scene, increase space and assess your budget. These simple steps can take away all the stress and allow you to have a great time with your loved ones.

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