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The Top 7 Interior Design Trends 2016

As 2016 is upon us, it is likely that you are looking to update your interior design, however, there are that many choices available on the market it can prove rather difficult. One of the difficult aspects of choosing décor for your home is to figure out whether it will still be in “fashion” in years to come. So, here at Fashion Wallpaper, we have created a guide on the top interior trends for 2016 which we believe could still be incorporated into your home in many years to come.

Formal Dining Room

Formal dining rooms are making a comeback this year which means that you can enjoy a lot more quality time with your loved ones. A recent study has found that families are beginning to sit down more and eat at the same time meaning that they are investing heavily in the interior design of their dining rooms. Traditionally, purple was associated with luxurious lifestyles, which now could be brought into the dining room through the use of wallpaper to create a more affluent atmosphere. 

Formal Dining Room


Throughout history, fireplaces have been a main part of any living space due to their practical uses. However, in terms of home décor, recently more and more people have been making them the focal point of their rooms, even through non-working fireplaces. A feature wall or wallpapered chimney breast is bang on trend at the moment which works effectively at drawing more attention to the fire place.

A Rustic Fireplace

The Glam Family Room

The ultimate way to turn a space into a comfortable, fun, family room is to combine everybody’s personalities, interests and age ranges into the interior design. You probably think that this would cause too much of a mismatch, however you will be surprised at how well everything fits together. The wallpaper could hold the main theme, then everything else could be chosen around it.


The different ranges and styles of tableware allows you to give your home a personalised touch down to the finest details. Whether you are giving your home a 17th century twist or if you are going ultra-modern, tableware is an important aspect in expressing your personality throughout your décor.

Two Shelves Full of Tableware

Dark Metals

Dark grey was on trend last season and it is following through to 2016, alongside black. It may seem dramatic from the outset, however dark metals can give your traditional appliances a modern twist. To play on the trend even further, wallpaper could be used to make the look even more effective and trendy. 

Dark Grey Interior Design


2016 is the year that taxidermy is making a huge comeback. However, a more subtle way to focus on the trend is through wallpaper, whether that being colours or patterns which relate to the trend. The main benefit of wallpaper is that it can completely change the look of a room on a low-key basis. 

Taxidermy Being Incorporated into A Living Space

Modern Kitchen

Updating your kitchen can be a decision which you keep delaying due to your strapped budget and shear size of the job in hand. However, you don't need to completely change everything, a roll of wallpaper can transform the space allowing your kitchen to be bang on trend in 2016 without breaking the bank. A way to modernise your kitchen is through rustic wallpaper.

Depending on the trend which catches your eye, you can incorporate it into your home through the use of wallpaper. It is a simple and cost effective method which can transform a living space to make the room more homely and personalised.

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