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5 Ways To Make Your Home Inviting This Christmas

If you are going to be hosting a dinner party, or simply welcoming friends and family into your home this Christmas, you may be looking for ways to make your home cosier, and more inviting.

There are easy changes you can make which can make both you and your guests, feel relaxed and right at home.

Start at the entrance

Your front door not only serves as an entrance point to your home, it also is the first statement you can make to guests. Consider changing the style of your door to set it aside from that of your neighbours.  Painting your door is also a quick way of ensuring your property looks both warm and inviting from the outside, experiment with rich blues & greens. Around Christmas time, ensure that all important Christmas wreath is present.

An exterior light will also brighten up and guide your visitors into your home, this is particularly effective if you live in a dark area.

Christmas Wreath Green Door

Think about the view

Once somebody has stepped through your door, consider what they are met with. To add an instant welcome note to your house, try adding a plant by the door, giving your guests a big dose of nature as soon as they enter your home. Cleverly, you can also draw people into your home by drawing their eyes towards a feature furthest away from their eyeline. Whether it’s a piece of art, a feature wallpaper or lighting, this will pull people into your home to explore more.


Consider furniture placement

Whilst you may not mind clambering over furniture, or performing a gymnastics routine to fit into a dining room chair wedged between the table and the wall, your guests probably do. Ensure that your furniture encourages conversation and engagement, you don't want your guests craning their neck whenever they want to speak to you.

Living Room

Keep it tidy

Stacks of bills, magazines and letters are stressful to see, for both you and your guests. Their presence reminds us of work, stress and the seemingly never ending list of things to do. Do everyone a favour, put them away.

Stacks of bills

Consider the senses

You can change the whole atmosphere of your home through considering a few senses, sight and smell. With regards to lighting, find a balance between functionality and personality, illuminate areas which are important to see, however keep lighting soft to create a relaxing environment.

Having some good smells in the air can also be very relaxing, if you aren't too keen on scented candles, sprays or home scents, just make sure that your home doesn't smell bad. If you want to know what your house smells like, go out for the day and see what the first smell is when you walk back in. If there is an unpleasant smell, find the source and get rid of it.

Home Lighting

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