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Downton Abbey Interior Design

Downton Abbeys 20th Century home is the talk of many interior designers this season. Most of us can only dream of living in a home like Downton Abbey however you can easily use some of the lavish design ideas and incorporate them seamlessly into your home. You are probably wondering how this is possible due to the extravagant décor and furniture, but wallpaper can update any room and give it a Downton Abbey touch.

We have pulled some of the trends which have been featured throughout the country manor and have chosen some of our wallpapers which are most effective at creating period elegance, reflecting the grandeur of Downton Abbey. 


Little Greene's Marlborough

Hallways are one of the most important rooms in the house as this is where first impressions are made. Little Greene's Marlborough wallpaper is perfect for setting the scene for your whole home through it’s vintage pattern.

Little Greene's MarlboroughKitchen Practicality

Harlequin's Belvedere

Your kitchen could have a simple design for practical reasons. However, you can still experiment with a colour that you wouldn't usually use. Harlequin's Belvedere paper has a subtle pattern and colour which would update your kitchen to give it a Downton inspired edge.

Harlequin's Belvedere paperLibrary

Andrew Martin’s Library

No grand home is complete without its own library, however we are sure that a library is not the most practical room to build if space is at a premium. Not to worry, we can improvise in our homes with a library inspired wallpaper. This specific paper can be effective both on a feature wall or for a whole room.

Andrew Martin’s Library Paper

Antique Pink

Monsoon's Amelie

Monsoon's Amelie wallpaper is a subtle way to introduce the Downton Abbey theme into a room. The soft, antique pink creates a cosy atmosphere which could be incorporated into your bathroom to add a vintage touch.

Monsoon's Amelie WallpaperDining Room

Kelly Hoppen's Vintage Flock

There is no better way to create a fine dining experience than through the use of rich colours such as red and black in your dining area. From the outset, it may sound like the colours are too bold to be used together, however they work well to create a rich and warm look. Kelly Hoppen's vintage flock paper is perfect to be used in your dining room.

Kelly Hoppen's Vintage Flock Wallpaper


Sanderson's Blossom Tree

The whole Downton Abbey manor oozes period elegance. French styled soft paper can introduce elegance into your home. Sanderson's Blossom Tree is hitting two trends in one as it would create elegance and pale blue was a large part of the interior design throughout the country manor.

Sanderson's Blossom Tree Wallpaper

English Heritage

Graham and Brown's Londinium

The English Heritage trend can be brought into your home décor in a number of ways, by being as subtle as dramatic as you like! There is nothing more patriotic than Graham and Brown's Londinium wallpaper, even though the pattern is daring, the colour tones it down meaning it can be used in almost any room.

Graham and Brown's Londinium PaperMural Inspiration

Manual Canova's Academia

Throughout the Abbey are hand painted murals which were a large part of interior design throughout the Edwardian times. A way in which you can put a modern day spin on this trend is through a hand painted illusion wallpaper. To follow the trend more detail is better which is reflected in Manual Canova's Academia.

Manual Canova's Academia Wallpaper

Traditional Florals

Sanderson's Abundance

Florals are always a part of most interior trends, however with the Downton Abbey inspiration it is traditional florals which should be used. Sanderson's Abundance is a classic British wallpaper which creates a country feel.

Sanderson's Abundance Wallpaper

There are so many trends which you can use throughout your home using Downton Abbey's interior design inspiration. You can either transform a full room or use the wallpaper on a feature wall, depending on personal preference. Either way, it will transform your home and take it back to the 20th century.

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