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Make Up Service Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds Prestigious Millgate Coral Fabric 3735/406

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Our luxury Roller blinds are hand made in the UK by our highly skilled team to your exact window measurements to ensure it fits perfectly within your window space.

We offer as standard a deluxe side winder track which has a chrome chain control to provide a luxury feel and smooth operating system.

The lining you request is laminated onto the front fabric in order to be thinner and create a smooth movement of the blind.

The image of the made up blind on this page is roughly 120cm wide by 120cm drop. So this images shows how the pattern will look on that particular size blind and can provide a rough reference when working out how the pattern will look on your own size blind. 

The blinds are easily fitted, you will just need your own screws and raw plugs to suit the surface in which the blind is being attached.

Child Safety:

We will produce the chain to the appropriate length from the measurements you provide to ensure it adheres to child safety guidlines BS EN 13120:2009+A1:2014

The cord retaining device (P clip) must be installed at the maximium distance possible from the control mechanism to prevent looped cord(s) becoming slack. Further child safety fitting information will be included with the order.

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