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How to Pick a Designer Rug

The right rug in the right place can give any space added wow factor. But picking a designer rug can be a tricky affair: almost like choosing a piece of artwork!

Rugs and carpets have been with us since ancient times. Back then, rugs were purely functional and were an everyday feature in mans earliest dwellings. They served an important purpose in reducing drafts and cold, in providing warmth and cushioning underfoot, and no respectable wattle and daub home was without one!


Today, rugs are an essential part of interior design going far beyond their original, functional, purpose where colour and aesthetics played little part. While fashions and trends figure large in our everyday lives and homes, it’s often the designer touch and accessorising that pulls the whole image together. A designer rug, chosen for a particular space, can be the icing on the cake, and provide that all important wow factor.

For sure, picking a designer rug that fits in perfectly, and looks as good as you hoped it would, isn’t exactly quantum physics, on the other hand it isn’t always as easy as you might think! What looks good in the shop, magazine, or web page doesn’t always live up to expectations when settled into its new home.

To help you pick your way through the vast array of stunning designer graphic prints, vibrant colours, styles, textures and material combinations you’ll be faced with, we’ve listed below a few tips that you might find useful: pointers and prompts to go with your imagination and ideas.

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Designer rugs are never boring and for just walking on. They are key design features in any style conscience home. Rugs are versatile and can play either lead role, grabbing the attention, or take support role by complimenting other features, in contrast or in similarity. A designer rug is a useful design aid that when used effectively can attract or detract attention, can set tone and mood.

Light colours and simple, unfussy patterns can enhance the illusion of space, opening up an area, while Earth and darker tones and more elaborate patterns create an ambience of cosiness and warmth.




In a room bright and alive with colour, a neutral coloured rug gives balance and harmony. Conversely, if the room is one of quieter tones, then bright coloured, bold rugs could be the right choice, giving a space lift and centre of focus.

Choosing a designer rug isn’t all about colour or patterns, the feel of it also needs considering. Textured rugs bring another dimension to interior design. Shaggy and textured rugs can create a feeling of depth, blur sharp edges and smoothes transition lines between furnishings, walls and floors. Texture adds interest, can give a space character, body and form.

Designer rug materials vary too. From the much loved and ever popular, natural wool, or combinations of modern synthetics, or trendy, must-have materials like hand knotted bamboo silk –here again, the choices are huge. And just as there are antique hand woven Persian rugs that exchange hands for a king’s ransom, some of today’s more exclusive designer rugs are also, no doubt, destined for similar acclaim.

Like most home furnishings and design features, designer rugs are often better appreciated when in the right setting, where they are shown to their best effect. And here, wall coverings and wallpaper play a big part. At Fashion wallpaper we stock a wide choice from period classical through the various styles and eras, to the modern of today – including wallpaper to showcase a designer rug to its full potential.


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