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  • Mix & Match Patterns In Your Home

    Sometimes you can get bored of having the same styles or colours in your home. Trying to coordinate two colours or looking to find two colours that come from the same palette can become a pain; but why not mix and match your patterns. Mixing and matching patterns can become a difficult task, especially if you’re not sure what goes best and how you can make it look right. Before you think about doing some spring decorating, read our helpful tips on mixing and matching patterns in your home. Find Your Colour Palette: The biggest problem you face when mixing and matching patterns is trying to see what will look good together and what will clash. But before you get...
  • 10 Top Tips On How To Wallpaper

    Whether you’re a wallpapering pro or you’re just beginning, here are top 10 tips to help you get the best out of any wallpapering experience. Make sure you have enough wallpaper to cover the area you are wishing to decorate. When purchasing wallpaper make sure that all the batch numbers are the same. Different batch numbers can mean your wallpaper could be different colours and they won’t always match. Apply a stripe of white paint along the top of the wall before papering, this way it won’t be as noticeable if the wallpaper fails to align at the top. Check you have the necessary tools before starting. These will include a paste table, scissors, wallpaper smoother or brush, a paste...
  • Use Your Spare Wallpaper Strips to Decoupage

    You may not be familiar with the term decoupage, but it is a method of decorating your house that gives it a completely unique look and personalised feel. To start your decoupage journey, you will need coloured paper cut outs, which you can get from leftover wallpaper after papering a room in your home. You can decoupage almost any piece of furniture as long as it is possible to glue paper and paint it. The most common items to decoupage are either boxes, like jewellery boxes or chests, or furniture that is predominantly for display purposes. The key to a perfect decoupage is preparation. Make sure you over-stock on all different colours, styles and designs of paper so you can...
  • The Best of British Wallpaper

    At Fashion Wallpaper, we are proud to stock and supply some of the leading British-manufactured luxury wallpapers, from our centralised trading location in Nottingham. We strive to stock only the best brands of wallpaper to make your home a cosy and beautiful place to live. Sanderson Wallpaper Founded in 1860, the Sanderson brand ensures their quintessentially English wallpaper designs are kept up-to-date and moving with the times. With Sanderson wallpaper you know you are getting exceptionally high quality and value for money with fantastic longevity. A testament to Sanderson’s everlasting quality over the years is represented in their wallpaper, fabric and paint supplies to HM Queen Elizabeth II and the British Royal Palaces since 1923. Sanderson is a company that...
  • Wallpapering a Feature Wall with Paste-The-Wall Designer Paper

    Feature walls are becoming an ever present fixture within master bedrooms. A feature wall is one papered wall, when the other walls in the room are (usually) painted with neutral colours. Many people like to choose a different design ever few months to change their feature wall, because it is a cost-effective way of producing a room with an obvious and illustrative focal point. Preparation Using a spirit meter, ensure the walls are level to the left and right of the wall you are papering. If they are level, this will eliminate any discrepancies with measurements as you go along your wall. Measure the wall from floor to ceiling and add an extra 100mm at the end of each cut...
  • Wallpapering Your Bathroom

    Bathroom redecoration can often be quite an expensive project to undertake. The standard bathroom will usually have some sort of tile, panel and paint combination on the wall and floor, and changing these can be an expensive task. Not many people consider using wallpaper in the bathroom because of the fear of it being ruined by the steam and eventually peeling off by itself. Generally, wallpapering is a cheaper option than buying tiles and hiring a tiler, especially if you are a confident enough DIY-er to complete the task yourself. Of course, you will definitely have this problem if you apply standard wallpaper to your bathroom walls as the room is naturally humid and normal wallpaper doesn't resist moisture and...
  • Health Benefits of Wallpapering

    Everyone knows that, generally, the more exercise you do, the healthier and fitter you will be. Exercise and fitness training can come in all manner of forms, from weightlifting and muscle workout to cardio training and competitive sports participation. One of the most popular, and easiest, methods of exercise, especially for the older generations, is DIY. DIY is probably the single most practical form of light exercise you can perform, not only because it keeps you active, but you are also completing household tasks that need doing. Take wallpapering for example. There is a lot of effort that goes into wallpapering before you even open the roll of paper. First you need to strip the old paper, which can be a...
  • Why Wallpaper a Room?

    Painting a room has been the most popular choice of room decoration for many years, offering a cheap, quick and easy solution to revamping any room in your home. It might take only a couple of hours to completely repaint a full room a single colour to give it a fresh feeling and make it a more pleasurable room to be in. However, as fast and simple painting is, it is a process that might have to be repeated once every two or three years to keep the room looking nice and up-to-date. Not having to repeat the process every couple of years is one of the biggest benefits of wallpapering. A good wallpapering job can last up to 15...

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