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  • What is the easiest way to remove wallpaper?

    Many people find removing old wallpaper a daunting task: a time consuming, messy, fiddly job that seems to take longer than actually hanging the new wallpaper. Removing the old wallpaper efficiently before hanging the new is essential to obtain a professional, flaw free finish. Try and rush it, and you may cause damage to the wall surface which could show through the new wall paper - spoiling the finished job. Knowing the best way to remove old wall paper without taking off half the plaster or damaging surrounding paintwork is important and could save you loads of time and money. Like many jobs around the home, there’s an easy way, and there are other ways. Here we’ll run through the...
  • Idea's For Your Baby's Nursery

    Awaiting the arrival of a new baby can be quite stressful, even when you've been through the process before. For first time parents, the nine month waiting period can be a bit of a roller coaster ride: a mixture of emotions and anticipation accompanied by a never ending list of things to do. The wait flies by for some whilst for others nine months can seem like an eternity. Whichever way the clock ticks for you however - the important thing is to be ready on time. One of the most important factor's in any preparation is the baby's nursery. Yes it’s important that your new nursery looks nice and fresh, clean, attractive and babyish, but there are other important...
  • Fashion Wallpaper's Top 10 Wallpapers for 2015.

    The 2015 spring and summer collection from Fashion Wallpaper brings together the most popular and contemporary, the well known and the classic – and a whole new range of stunningly beautiful wallpapers never seen before. It’s well known the 19th Century was something of a golden age for British architecture and interior design – including wallpaper. Designs from this period are still the most sought after and valued…and today grace the homes of Royalty, the rich, and those with taste and a sense of style. Today’s in trend wallpapers draw on the vibrancy and artistic skills of modern designers, but also draw inspiration from the best of the past…often with stunning results. So, what’s all the excitement about, what new...
  • How to wallpaper around a window

    Doors, windows and light switches are obstacles that deter many people from having hanging their own wallpaper. Indeed there are various nooks and crannies which can cause difficulties when wallpapering, however with patience and the right tools, none of them should pose too much of a problem.   Take windows for example, wallpapering around windows is a perceived difficulty rather than it being an actual problem. You just need to plan, take a little care, and try not to rush things. By doing so you will find wallpapering much easier, less wasteful, and less stressful and as an added bonus the finished results will be better. Call on that favour When wallpapering the ‘fiddly’ bits, it is important not to...
  • How to choose wallpaper?

    You would think choosing wallpaper would be easy. Pick a colour and pattern you like, put it up – and voilà it looks fantastic…just as you hoped, or does it? Actually, choosing the right wallpaper can be tricky at times with so much to choose from these days. And often, the more designs, colour and textures you look at, the more confusing it can be. Decorating, whether it be painting or wallpapering, is time consuming when you consider the inevitable preparation work, the moving of furnishings and fittings, disruption, your precious time, and of course the financial expense – so its important you get things right from the start. And if you end up choosing the wrong wallpaper: it’s never...
  • How to add value to your home

    In an ever competitive housing market, it has never been so important to make your home stand out from the crowd when the time comes to sell up. This will help you not only by securing the quickest possible sale, but by also ensuring you receive the best possible price for your home. Where to start? There are a number of relatively easy changes you can make to your home which can make a huge difference to the impression your home makes on prospective buyers. We run down a few of our top things to do… Tidy up the exterior When a potential buyer turns up to view your house, the first thing they will see is the exterior of...
  • How to paint bathroom tiles

    Every room in the home benefits from a facelift now and again - some rooms have a harder life than others, and can look rather jaded and tired due to their everyday environment; bathrooms and kitchens in particular suffer more than others. Tiles are a practical favourite in these two important areas in the home, but when you fancy a change, replacement is not exactly quick and easy. On the scale of DIY difficulty, replacing wall tiles is not so much a matter of requiring particular skills, gained through training and experience, but rather a more time consuming affair requiring preparation, more tools, and usually, more cost.   Look below at a clever alternative – see how easy it is...
  • Taboo Topics To Avoid At A Dinner Party

    We are all perhaps guilty of at some point having one too many glasses of sauvignion blanc and bringing up a taboo topic or making a statement which, had we been slightly more ‘compos mentis’ would of thought better of mentioning. But the words have left your lips.... this can often result in an almost instant 'killing' of the mood and at times sparks up conflict, heated debates and sour responses. Whether your entertaining family, friends or work colleagues there are just certain topics nobody wants to talk about over dinner. We've listed a few subjects to avoid in order to ensure your dinner party is a night to remember for all the right reasons!   Money Money is often...
  • How to Remove Wallpaper

    The time eventually comes when we find that our wallpapered rooms need a bit of a lift. The paper has lost its first flush of gorgeousness; it could be a bit grubby or it may be that quite frankly we just want a change. And, it’s a well known fact that the main obstacle in the way of wallpapering a room is stripping the old paper off!  You may have been told that stripping wallpaper is really hard work but in truth this job is so easy. Here are five simple steps to removing old wallpaper without the hard work: Protect your workspace Cover floor areas with dustsheets, old newspapers or plastic sheeting and turn off any electricity supply at...

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