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Fashion Wallpaper Autumn/Winter Trends 2015

By changing the wallpaper in your home, it will not only update the décor, but it also has the power to change the whole vibe of the room! Over recent years, more and more designers have begun to appreciate wallpaper as it can completely enhance the look of any home. However, it is important to weigh up the pros and cons of different wallpapers to ensure that you choose one which is most suited to your home and existing furnishings!

We will inform you of the latest trends for autumn/winter 2015 to ensure that your wallpaper and décor is bang on trend!

Dark Winter “Neutrals”

Grey is the AW15 “it” dark neutral colour. It will instantly update your whole room and will give your room a cosy feel, which is perfect for the upcoming cold and dark evenings, as it oozes warm beauty. However, grey can be used in another way, to create a futuristic look if you are lusting over something more modern, while creating a mysterious look.

graham & brown wallpaper


Darcy – Graham & Brown


This grey wallpaper will be a sure fire hit this Autumn/Winter. Here at Fashion Wallpaper we love not only the subtle grey colour but the bold pattern oozes the contemporary feel.

Rich Colours

It is not unusual in every Autumn/Winter season for a rich colour to make an appearance in interior design – this year is no exception and this seasons colour is midnight blue! This fantastic colour can drastically change a space as it is associated with honesty and wisdom, which could look good in any part of the home. Traditionally, blue is known as a “cold” colour, however the midnight shade is a deep tone which reflects positivity.

sophie conran wallpaper


Coconut Grove Midnight – Sophie Conran


This particular wallpaper has been taken from the Reflections collection and would make a bold statement and make the perfect feature wallpaper in your home.

Country Feel

The ultimate casual and comfortable interior style is country chic. You can update a classic style with modern touches through perfect craftsmanship and simple pieces. An additional benefit of the style is even though it is due to be on trend in AW15 it will never go out of fashion. A checked wallpaper is a method in creating a country chic room, as it has a slightly tartan look, which is a timeless country pattern!

harlequin wallpaper

Inga - Harlequin

Inga is part of the Folia collection which can easily transform your room to fit in with the AW15 country theme.


If you prefer to keep things simple in terms of interior design, there are methods which you can implement in order to modernise your décor. A metallic/glossy style wallpaper will give your subtle style a AW15 edge, Also, it will give the illusion that your room is larger due to it reflecting natural light.


Elise -Sanderson

There are many AW15 trends which you can incorporate into your interior design. Whether you're looking for a whole new drastic look or some subtle changes to update your room to reflect the seasons trends, this can be accomplished by following our guide!

Fashion Wallpaper are a leading retailer in decorating products with over 25 years experience! They pride themselves on providing a quality service and selling fantastic designer brands.


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